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TRIMLUX is a bath and shower seal that combines a flexible trim with an enclosed silicone sealant. Trimlux is manufactured by Sealux Ltd. who are regarded as leaders in shower and bath seal technology. The Trimlux range of shower seals were born out of an industry requirement of producing a hard edge seal that was flexible, fit for purpose and easy to install.
TRIMLUX is bonded to both the wall and ledge but 'flexes' through the incorporation of a silicone isolating leg inside the trim. Traditional Sealing Strips are fixed only to the wall and rely on the outer ‘soft lip' remaining pressed on the ledge to seal the joint. When the ledge drops down - leaks occur.
TRIMLUX V Exposed Sealants Soaps, shampoos, cleaning chemicals and fluctuating temperatures accelerate sealant deterioration. Trimlux conceals and shields the sealant inside the trim so no sealant slime, splitting or eyesores with Trimlux.

Trimlux -The Choice of the Professional & DIY’er


Our growing reputation for making the best seals on the market is backup by Industry Professionals, Tradesmen and DIY'ers. Have a question regarding Trimlux? Please see our FAQ's ...

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Trimlux Shower Seals V’s Exposed Sealants?


There really is no comparison, we've all seen the unsightly mold infested bare silicone that perishes and allows water to seep behind your bath, shower causing damage...

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Trimlux Installation and Technical Data


Get all the information you require to install our trims, view our video installations, download our instructions and technical data brochures.

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Trimlux, The standard for Shower & Bath Seals

patented trimlux seal

See how a Trimlux seal allows for joint movement whilst maintaining a protective barrier for the silicone from the harsh shower environment. Typically this includes chemicals...

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As an OEM partnering leading manufacturer in the shower tray and shower wall panel market sector, our patented sealing systems are technically proven. Learn more...

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  • Hygienic
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