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How to install Trimlux Pro 25

Trimlux Pro 25

Trimlux Pro 25 can only be installed behind tiles.(A 25mm wide seal for tiles)

Installation Strategy:

The step by step installation method we promote is focused on clearly explaining a series of simple tasks that will result in a competent installation and maximise the long term benefits of our product. Seals are about leak prevention – not speed of installation.
Installation Technique
By applying separate lines of Sealux-N into the strip (step 7) and onto the ledge (step 9) and fusing both together (step 10), we ensure a continuous watertight seal is established between the ledge and strip.

Installation Instructions: Trimlux Reg 25

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1 Measure and cut the strips to your required lengths.
2 At mitre cuts – Snip inner leg off (square) as shown.
3 At end cuts – Snip inner leg off (at angle) as shown.
4 Carefully remove the frays left at saw cut edges.
5 Dry fit to check. If outer strip edge does not rest on ledge, bend the first 50mm of the “Removeable leg” back and forth to weaken and tear off the remainder.
6 Wipe ledge with alcohol or methylated spirits.
7 Cut Sealant Nozzle to Expose 4mm Diameter hole. Commence installation with middle strip (if any). Insert strip upside down in Mitre Box and support remainder of strip steady. Resting nozzle on inner leg, lay a line of Sealux-N 400mm in strip (7a). Level Sealux-N across width of inner leg with spatula (7b). Continue in steps of 400mm till complete. Do not be afraid to redistribute Sealux-N as required.
8 Butter Sealux-N across mitre cuts and end cuts, leaving slightly proud on each.
9 Using finger under nozzle as a support and fingertip against wall as a guide, lay a line Sealux-N on the ledge. Lay a line of Sealux-N on wall roughly 15mm over ledge (no guide required).
10 Rotate strip into position over joint, fusing the Sealux-N in strip with Sealux-N on ledge.
11 Remove excess silicone (if any) on ledge with spatula.
12 Ensure Sealux-N fuses across strips at corners.

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