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Trimlux FAQ’s, your questions answered.

What is Trimlux?

Trimlux is a strip/silicone combination sealing system designed to seal the joint between a shower tray or bath ledge and adjacent wall.

How does it work?

Each Trimlux profile has an inner toothed leg that (after installation) remains anchored to the ledge after the silicone has cured. The curved outer leg not only conceals and protects the silicone from the deteriorating effects of the shower environment, but also deflects to accommodate joint movement. See the animation of How Trimlux Works here.

What length is Trimlux available in?

Trimlux is available in 25mm wide strips. Each trim is 185cm long (6ft) and can be easily cut and mitred to size.

How many colours is Trimlux available in?

Trimlux is available in white and a ‘soft cream’ colour.

Your literature mentions that Trimlux is more durable and hygenic than exposed silicone, can you explain please?

It is more durable because the silicone is protected by the trim itself, i.e. no soaps, chemicals etc. have direct contact with it. This design prevents mould growth, allows for increased lifespan, whilst maintaining a watertight seal.

What is the difference between ‘Reg’ and ‘Pro’ trims?

Trimlux trims are available with holes (these are called ‘Pro’ strips) and without holes these are called ‘Reg’ strips.
The ‘Reg’ range of Trimlux is adhered to the wall with silicone and can be fitted either over tile or behind tile.
The ‘Pro’ range of seals can only be fitted behind tiles and are fixed to wall with tile adhesive.
In both cases you should always use high quality silicone (ideally Sealux-N) when installing Trimlux strips.
If you are waterproofing you shower walls we recommend using a ‘Reg’ type strip.

My current seal is leaking and I need a quick fix, can Trimlux be fitted over tiles?

Yes. The ‘Reg’ versions can be fitted over tiles where tile removal is not an option. We strongly advise all old silicone is removed and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned as detailed in our instructions.

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